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to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. live from studio 7, i'm suzanne malveaux. want to get you up to speed. the battle over raising the debt limit hits another road block. just six days before the august 2nd deadline, a vote on a plan by john boehner, it was expected today. well, now it's been delayed until at least tomorrow. congressional number crunchers say that the boehner plan won't cut spending as much as promised. from norway, pictures of last week's bombing of a government building from a different angle. a camera inside a nearby shop
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shows the moment of impact. 76 people were killed in the bombing and shooting rampage on an island near oslo. survivors are describing the terror. >> when the shooter got closer, i was left with only one question. how would i like to die. i mean, let him shoot me or shall i just drown in trying to escape. the violence just won't stop in syria. at least eight more people including an 11-year-old boy were shot and killed by security forces outside damascus today. that is according to a human rights group that is on the ground there. protesters reportedly fought back by throwing rocks at those soldiers. in seoul, a frantic search for survivors of a massive landslide. at least 32 people were killed.
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400 homes destroyed. the land gave way after parts of the region got more than a foot of rain. >> the death toll has been steady rising here in south korea as torrential rain continues to pull he will. we are used to rain here, but not to this extent. he's a 14-year-old american kid and he was just found guilt. we are used to rain here, but not to this extent. he's a 14-year-old american kid and he was just found guilty of murdering at least 14 in mexico's violence drug war. the judge gave him just three years behind bars. that is the maximum allowed to someone his age. the young man who is known on the street as the cloak did not flinch when explaining how he killed his victims. >> powerful storms pound massachusetts knocking out power to thousands of homes and
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businesses. the high winds blew down trees and caused lots of property damage. the region was under a tornado watch, but right now, no tornadoes have been confirmed. the funding fight that threatens to keep memphis schools shut down could be resolved soon. the school board says the city owes it basically $55 million. but it will take $12 million as partial payment. that payment has to be made next week, just three days before the new school year. >> we have done our part to say that schools will open as scheduled. and i think that -- i'm more than hopeful, i'm trusting, that the city council and administration will hold their end of the bargain. closer look now at the fallout from the debt limit debac debacle. democrats and republicans are letting basically politics get in the way of a deal. the damage to the credit card standing fl our country has
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already been done. rating agencies warn that if lawmakers reach an agreement, they might still downgrade the nation's credit rating. executives from major rating agencies are testifying right now on capitol hill and christine romans of our money team explains how these agencies work and why they matter. >> before you can get a credit card or borrow money, banks run a credit check on you. the ratings agency runs credit checks on companies and even countries. standard & poor's, fitch, moody's, they analyze how risky is country is, it reflects the borrower's act to pay back hones. the safest bets like u.s. government debt are stamped aaa, the safest rating this is. and it's been that way since 1917 when moody's first assigned a rating. but that could change soon. let's take a look at other countries. the united states and these other 18 countries have aaa
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ratings. the u.s. is the big safe haven in the world. so why do these credit agencies matter? who listens to them? investors around the world listen to them. they look at the credit rating agencies and the credit rating of companies and countries to decide where they'll invest the money. for governments, they have a lot of power over the interest rates on the bonds that they can sell to investors. the safest bets pay the lowest interest. that and 's what you want if yoa government trying to raise money. agencies are either paid by the borrower or from subscribers who need the information. standard & poor's tells cnn money that the sovereign u.s. rating is unsolicited, that the u.s. government doesn't pay anything for that rating. and that it is an unbiased ass isment of what's p happhappenin the u.s. here's a rundown some of the stories we're covering. wall street employees are canceling vacations with the
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debt ceiling deadline just six days away. is that a bad omen for your 401(k)? and i talked to a man who developed a rare tumor after working at ground zero for years and he says the government should pay for his care. well, the government is saying no. and then this cute 6-year-old explains what it's like to be attacked by a shark. also, wild, wild west town can be yours for a real bargain. and a 6-year-old with a heart defect won our hearts as the mini darth vader. well, he's now a mini lobbyist speaking directly to power on capitol hill. . >> you can tell the president, miss, if he cuts -- if the budget gets cut, he needs to realize his daughters might need it. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities.
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time to go cross-country for stories affiliates are covering. first stop, north carolina. 6-year-old lose lucy magnum is showing off her colorful cast and telling reporters what is it feels like to be bitten by a shark. it happened tuesday in just a foot and a half of water off oprah coke island in north carolina's outer banks. >> it hit my leg and it felt like it stay there had. >> tough stuff. and in south dakota about 50
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miles east of rapid city, the historic town of scenic is for sale. well, it's not quite a ghost town, but it's pretty close. fewer than ten people actually live there. for a little less than $800,000, you get 46 acres with a saloon, dance hall, museum with pine interior. forecasters keeping an eye on a tropical wave expected to enter the gulf of mexico. could be good news for some areas of texas that have been parched from that drought. rob marsian kn is tracking it f. >> one of the few times where people are saying, please, bring us a tropical system. preferably for tnot a hurricane. but look at the flare up of thunderstorms. they'll fly a plane down through this thing this afternoon. and it will probably find to be a tropical depression, maybe become our next tropical storm.
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if not, its name would be don. here's our preliminary forecast for a handful of our computer models. you can see over the next couple days, it does take to northern mexico, parts of texas and of course louisiana will be threatened by this particular storm as we go through time. and as far as the intensity go, the intensity model guy answer is keeping it generally at a moderate to strong tropical storm, may becoming a hurricanes keeping it generally at a moderate to strong tropical storm, may becoming a hurricane. 105 degrees is the expected high temperature again in dallas for the 25th kday in a row, they hi 100 plus, so the heat is sucking the life out of the ground. and because of that, we have seen record setting drought here across texas. nearly the entire state is under not just extreme, but exceptional drought. we would need well over a foot of rain to come even close to getting back to normal for this time of year and of course that
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ground is completely unsaturated, it would take time for to become saturated. so we're watching this carefully. this would be good news if it got here. bad news if it turned into a category 2 or 3 hurricane. but we do want the moisture. >> i can't imagine how dry that is. if you had a fire, that would be extraordinary. >> and they've had a few of those in west texas.reservoirs are going down. not a good situation. well, a 6-year-old who played a mini darth vader in a super bowl ad is fighting to stop potential medicaid cuts. here what max paige told his congressman during a visit to capitol hill.
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if you were a 9/11 responder and you have cancer, you're on your own. at least that is for now. that is the news from the world trade center health program. officials with the centers for disease control say there is simply not enough evidence to link exposure to the chemicals that were released at ground zero with cancer in people who worked at that site after the attacks. i'm joined by two people who are correctly impacted by this decision. daniel hanson is an attorney representing several 9/11 responders. and thank you very much for being here. i want to start, you were there when those towers fell and you got sick shortly afterwards. you can give us a sense of what your story was? >> the story was i was the part of the restoration communication team to restore communication
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around downtown wall street air after the disaster. and later on, i got sick, i got diagnosed in 2005 with is rare type of cancer. and i went through the hell of what i went through, the medication, therapy, and chemotherapy and radiation, me and my family. and i'm trying to be a cancer survivor right now. and it's not just about me. it's a lot of over 50 people died there which was first responders, they died out of different type of cancer. and over 100 people suffering as of right now first responders because they are sick with cancer. i have one of my co-workers that died because of cancer. the other one suffering right now from the cancer as we speak. and i don't think it's fair.
8:17 am
a lot of peoples lost their loved ones, lost their providers, they were first responders and they died because of the cancer. >> i'm sorry for your loss. and emil, why do you believe your cancer was caused by the nim? >> because my cancer is in my throat. first we were told the air was clear and safe and we though for a know for a fact that it's not. even the doctor from world trade center, she stated and she write down the letter that my cancer is from ground zero dust. >> dau ue to exposure. and how have you been paying for your treatment? how have you been taking care of your medical needs? >> my medical needs, i went through the year through the
8:18 am
chemotherapy and radiation and as of right now, because of that, i have a lot of issues. i don't have saliva, i don't have taste. i have a big dental problem. i don't have smell. i have my issue, but i'm still doing what i'm supposed to do and i hope for all other people that was there first responders and they did the right thing what they're supposed to do and now they just got a slap in the face. >> daniel, you're representing many people like emil. what can be done here? because they're exceptionally saying there is no direct link. do you have any kind of legal recourse? >> well, we've been in contact with the offices of carolyn maloney who has been a champion of this cause, also representative nadler. we've been working as close as we can with the special master field burn bound, we've been
8:19 am
amassing medical evidence and submitting the reports, for example, in emil's case alone, the doctors from the world trade center held a monitoring program, the same program denying him compensation, tell fuss a report written that his cancer was caused by his exposure and his years of commitment down at ground zero. now, these very same doctors that are running the program are telling us he's not covered for either treatment, medical care, benefits, chemotherapy or compensation for the cancer that their own doctors say are related. so we've been trying to get the word out. there's some town hall meetings coming up both tonight in queens, there's one also in new jersey city that we're participating in, as well. and there's one next week over in melville at the marriott. so we aurnurge all of the survi and family members to appear, participate, make yourself be heard and really it's critical
8:20 am
that you contact the congress people, senator schumer, sena r senator -- >> we'll have to wrap it there. i know that there are many different places that folks can go to and obviously those town hall meeting, we'll keep a close eye on. very controversial issue. a lot of people have suffered who worked at ground zero. thank you very much daniel hanson and of course emil for your tame aime and your story, well. >> thank you. remember the big hit, right, that your 401(k) took during the great recession? now wall street is worried that this debt crisis in d.c. is going to mean -- what is that going to mean for the markets and your investment? alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. a lot of people, it was not long ago, we lost a lot of money. and wall street now is preparing for what might lie ahead. do we see people reacting the same way? >> reporter: oh, yes.
8:21 am
definitely. wall street is getting nervous at this point. you can see it in what the major averages are doing today. t dow down 88 points. investors are putting their money in gold and getting out of stocks. you're steeg in teeing it in th it's weak. and we're seeing it in the viks. th vix. that is spiking. i'm with the director of floor trading. >> one thing the market really hates is uncertainty. and right now, there's a ton offen certainty out there, whether it's the debt ceiling or possible downgrade and don't forget friday we have a big jobs number. so uncertainty all over the place. low volume. and the numbers in the s&p, 1335, we can't hold, so a lot of technical things going on.
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>> what are you telling your clients? >> if you're in the market, stay in and keep a close eye on things. but if you're not, stay on the sidelines. just watch. no rush to get in the market at the moment. just too much uncertainty. >> is more of the worry about the down grade than what happens with the debt ceiling? >> most people think that the debt ceiling will be fixed. they're going to come to something. but the downgrade from aaa to aa, that's a big move if in fact we are down graded. and for the average person, the cost say in mortgages and car loans, they're going to go up. so it's going to be a problem for the average american. i think a lot -- even if we don't fall back into a recession, it will feel like a recession if not worse for some people. remember, we have 25 million people unemployed or under employed out there. so things could get worse. hiring could get worse. and that's the big problem. >> is the downgrade of the u.s. credit rating, is that all with you certain in wall street's eyes?
8:23 am
>> not all but certain, but if you're a betting man, you'd better, yes, there is going to be a downgrade. but it's not 100% certain yet. >> thank you. that's alan valdez. we appreciate your time. back to you. here's a look at today's news stories. you can voez for the story you'd like to see in the next hour. first choice, a top secret navy program to protect ships and harbors expose. we go underwater to show you how marine mammals are protecting sailors and civilians against enemy attacks. second, new york is using its recent heat wave to help residents keep cool. a unique partnership and program that's using the sun's rays to ease the city's energy grid burden on those hot days. and third, let countdown begin. opening ceremonieses for the london games are exactly one year from today. we'll show you why the buildings are different than any other
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olympic stadium ever constructed. you can vote by texting 22360, one for underwater protection, two for solar grid program or three for olympic stadiums. he's known as the mini darth vader after appearing in a super bowl ad. ♪ the boy behind the mask, his name is max page. and he has a heart defect. dr. gupta reports that max went to capitol hill, that's right, to ask that medicaid not be cut in the budget war.
8:25 am
>> i've been following the story of little max page for some time, this crazy cute kid. he is the little mini darth vader. and he says he's taking the force to washington. what a lot of people may not know about max is that he was born with a heart condition, required eight operations in six years. got his care at a children's hospital of which there are only 56 in the country. he met a lot of kids in the hospital that are like him that need specialty care. he also met kids who need medicaid to help get their care. and he realized along with his parents that some of those things are now threatened with all the talks going on in washington. so he went to washington to lobby on behalf of these things and had a meeting with senator grassling. >> you can tell the president, if the budget gets cut, he needs to realize his daughters might need it. so if he cuts -- if the cut about like 75% off, like it's
8:26 am
going to be really bad for maybe his daughters. >> you can see max making a personal appeal to the president and to the president's daughters. again, just 56 of these children's hospitals in the country. they're responsible for not only taking care of a lot of six kids, but also training the nation's future pediatric specialists. >> when you have less money, you have less options of providing that care. so you may not have the program that's necessary for the child. it's not something that's going to happen overnight, but over time, the whole effort to support children's health care is weakened if you don't and you had adequately fund it. >> both sides could have an impact here. the white house plan could potentially impact the number of pediatricians trained in the future and the republican deal as far as we can tell could have an impact overall on medicaid in terms of cutting its funding. so, max, good luck. may the force be with you. back to you for now. may the force be with him.
8:27 am
you can see how the rest of max's congressional meetings went this weekend. they'll talk to sanjay about what they accomplished on the hill. watch this saturday and sunday at 7:30 a.m. eastern only here on cnn. well, driving home the point about how the debt crisis could affect you. we'll go live to a car dealership for a look at the real impact on businesses and car buyers. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein.
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here's some of the stories we're working on. huge role the tea party is play management debt stalemate. and he's just 14, but the violence he's committed, unthinkable. and later, did you know that with every mouse click you make, marketers are watching us. hear about the fight against digital fingerprints. lawmakers in washington are haggling over raising the debt ceiling. some of you may be about to haggle over buying a car. the price of a car.
8:31 am
well, it is going to cost you more if there's no deal on increasing the debt limit. sandra endo joining us from a car dealership in los angeles. what are people saying about the debt crisis and how it might affect them? >> reporter: well, there are a lot of nervous jittery people out here. and they don't know how there stalemate is going to affect them. this is one business that will be directly impacted if washington make you lakers don't can come together. they're already trying to slash prices to get these jeeps off the lot, but the economy is tough already and it could get worse as you mentioned because interest rates may go up, car loans will be tougher to get, more expensive. if lawmakers really don't come together on a deal. and i'm joined by the general manager of sales here, ron wheeler. how do you think this whole thing is playing out in washington? you're watching it very closely. how will this impact this business? >> well, our business is very sensitive to the financial needs
8:32 am
of our customers. at our ground level, i don't think washington really understands the impact that this financial civil war is having on our business and the business of the entire united states. >> because this will affect people's ability to buy a car, right, and you were saying that business is already tough. >> business is tough. we've gone through the high price of fuel, not just -- a few months ago. and it needs to stop immediately. >> and you've been listening to the debate play out in washington. you listened to the president's speech a couple of night ago. what do you think of all the rhetoric? >> i think eithit's come to the point that it's too egotistical. our president and john boehner it looks like a bad marriage and the entire world is watching. >> and you've said that this is really partisan politics at play. >> absolutely. and we need to get down to the
8:33 am
brass tacks of what we need. and what we need is we need a compromise and a settlement immediately so we can get back to doing what we do best. and what america is all about. >> ron wheeler, thank you so much. good luck with everything. and i guess good luck to lawmakers who really need to come together on a deal because it affects so many people right here on ground level. >> absolutely. and when you get people talking about it being a financial civil war, that's pretty serious stuff there. a lot of people looking to washington saying, look, let's get this thing done. work out the differences. thank you, sandra. appreciate it. well, look out old spice guy. new guy wants to take your place. that's right. one has long hair, the other short. they both have lots of muscles. and if you're away from your tv, check this out. this is really pretty cool. you can still watch cnn newsroom right here right now on your phone, your computer, your ipad. you can see this show or any of your cnn favorites live on the
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choose the news story. text 22360. text within for underwater protection, a look at a navy program that uses dolphins to keep civilians safe. text two for solar grade program, how new york is using a recent heat wave to cool the city's recent dechtssidents. and next three for olympic staim stadiums. see why the billions are different than any constructed. you could call it the war of the spices, the spice wars. we're talking about romance
8:38 am
novel icon fabio trying to unseat the spice guy as the face of your dad's after shave lotion. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: it's the showdown of the summer. no, not between the president and house speaker john boehner. we mean the one between fabio -- >> hello old spice guy who is gross. >> reporter: and the old old spice guy. >> this may be the greatest internet dual of all-time. >> reporter: did he say dual? >> duel? >> reporter: isaiah became the undisputed face of old spice. >> you're on a boat with the man your man could spell like. >> reporter: when he broke through with this commercial almost a year and a halving a go. but now the campaign could use some new sparkle. >> hello, ladies. don't look at your man, look at me, your new old spice guy, fabio.
8:39 am
>> reporter: sure this is nothing but an advertising gimmick. we all know fabio's probably going to lose. this local duel is just free advertising for their advertising. but when the upstart is a golden maimed be lister most fame for us romance novels and fake butter commercials, you better believe we'll cover the manufactured duel. >> and may the best old spice guy win. >> reporter: so folks are being asked to vote. >> if you possess the strength to move your eyes from my exposed torso to the about the of this video window, you will see buttons that cast your vote. >> thank you for showing team fabio your support. >> reporter: the old order spice guy is killing fabio judging by the comments. and even tweet questions to the two. and they may respond with personalized videos. but mostly they insult each other. >> fabio is about as threatening
8:40 am
to me as being coughed on by a gnat. >> reporter: is fabio's goose cooked? it won't be the first time. >> fabio had to be rushed to a virginia hospital yesterday apter his oddly proportioned face collided with a goose while riding in the front of a new busch gardens roller coaster. >> reporter: though truly the one whose goose was cooked was the goose. it was found dead after the midair collision. probably got strangled in fabio's hair. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. well, with the debt deadline just six days away, some members of the tea party are saying bring it on. that is tying the hands of more traditional republicans. jim acosta has the latest in the political ticker. but first, these are -- yeah, gross, the dirtiest hotels in america. according to customer reviews on the travel website trip adviser, the desert inn resort in dayton beach, florida, ranks number
8:41 am
three. reviewers complain about everything from cigarette burns to bugs in the bed box springs. the jack london inn in oakland, california, it ranks the second dirtiest. reviewers say the hallways week of cigarette smoke and body odor. and the dirtiest of all? well, that answer coming up next. [ diane lane ] is your anti-wrinkle cream gone...
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[ male announcer ] find your program at well, according to traveler
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reviews on the website trip adviser, these are the three dirtiest hotels in america. what hotel ranked dirtiest in the country? the grand resort hotel and convention center in pigeon forge, tennessee. reviewers cited chewing tobacco spit in the halls and spiders actively making webs in every corner of the room. pretty gross stuff. well, we all know that college is expensive, tuition prices right now at an all-time high, so most scholarships have deadlines. but students acan still find soe free dollars. alison kosik has tips. >> everybody likes free money. well, whether you're an incoming freshman or you're already in college, you still have time to take advantage of the summer months to look for some of that free money. so scholarship america, that's and online provider of scholarship, says first you have to do your home work. scholarships are awarded
8:45 am
year-round. there are many contests with deadlines that happen throughout the sum person it's also important to plan ahead because applications can be complex and time consuming. and you want to keep an eye out for renewable scholarships because those ensure that students have the means to actually stay in school and of course the thinking is go ahead and write a thank you note for every scholarship you do receive because it shows your appreciation. >> where are the best places to look? >> well, we asked lauren siegel, she's the coe of scholarship of america and she recommends that searching online sights like you also want to look beyond academics and ath let tiathleti. there are scholarships with hobbies and even family health and wellness issues. and look close to home. many local financial institutions, small businesses and even parents' employers offer scholarship programs.
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>> we'll ask you next what you can do to make your application stand out from all those other folks who will be applying, as well. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part
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we're back talking scholarships with alison kosik. and are there any specific things that you should do when you're applying to stand out in your applications? >> i know this sounds simple, but the big advice here is to follow the rules. actually pay attention to the scholarship guidelines. if it asks for a 200 word essay, don't go ahead and send a 400
8:49 am
word essay because you may be screened out of the process. lauren siegel encourages students to spend the summer doing activities that will make their application more appealing. you could earn extra points for extracurricular activities, community service, volunteer work, any activities that highlight your personality could be that x factor that earns you the scholarship dollars. and that's essentially what you want ultimately. >> all right, great advice. a reminder to vote for today's choose the new stories. text 1 for underwater protections, a look at a navy program that uses dolphins to keep sailors and civilians safe. text 2 for solar grid program, how new york is using a recent heat wave to cool the city's residents. text 3 for olympic stadiums. go inside london's main olympic stadiums. see why these are so different from any other olympic stadium ever constructed.
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winning story will air in the next hour. the clock winding down. it is just six days left before the country is forced for default. but members of the tea party, they're not flinching. jim acosta is live from a tea l. what is the mood with the tea party folks here? >> suzanne, they are not sweating it out here. in fact, the tea party groups that will be out here today are going to be pushing the speaker and other republican leaders on capitol hill to perhaps sweat a little more. they are holding a rally in what they are calling a hold the line rally, and what they are urging the speaker and others to do is not raise the debt ceiling. now you may ask yourself, wait a minute, all the deals they are talking about up on capitol hill
8:51 am
would raise the debt ceiling. well, there are tea party activist out here that think it's a bad idea, because if their minds if you raise debt ceiling you increase borrowing and will add more to the national debt and they want to hold the line and keep the debt ceiling where it is right now and pass what made its way through the house which is the cut cap and balance package, which i won't go into because it's complicated, but it would cut spending and cap spending levels, and they would rather see that become law rather than some compromised deal kept between the democrats and republicans that would raise the debt ceiling. >> and then senator harry reid is speaking with other democratic leaders to talk about where they are in the negotiations. let's listen. >> meets our goals of protecting
8:52 am
social security and medicare, and it's a good piece of legislation, a compromise. it doesn't contain revenues, and the amount of cuts meets the length of the debt ceiling we're trying to increase. we feel comfortable with the score that we got, and i know there are a couple questions of that to extend the debt that we need, we need $2.4 trillion, and also understand with cbo, we always give them something to look at, and rarely is the first run through what we wind up with. for us to arrive at 2.4 or 2.5 is fairly easy to do. it's called tweaking it, and it can be done easily. we could continue to add and we are confident it will meet the
8:53 am
bottom line to raise the debt ceiling. we are running out of time and it's time to get serious about finding that compromise. mr. durbin. >> thank you, senator reid. speaker boehner spoke to the american public, and then his plan was downgraded. >> they are talking about the need for compromise as the clock clicks down on the deadline whether the u.s. will default on its bills. and we are following another story. they called him the cloak. meet the 14-year-old boy that slit the throats of his enemies in the drug war. we'll have that story next. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
he's a teenager and an american citizen. he is also a ruthless hitman in mexico's on going drug war. we have the story of a stone cold killer who is just 14. >> reporter: it took less than a week after six days of testimony at this juvenile court in central mexico, a 14-year-old boy accused of being an assassin for a mexican drug cartel was found guilty. >> translator: we had 43 witnesses that testified during the hearing. prosecution had plenty of circumstantial evidence in this
8:57 am
trial. >> reporter: his alias is "the cloak," and in this video taken hours after he was captured, he admits to being responsible for multiple murders. >> reporter: the defense attorney did not call any witnesses and the judge gave the harshest sentence he could under mexican law. >> the sentencing hearing was not until friday. the defense and prosecution asked to proceed with the sentencing hearing right away, and that's what the court did. >> reporter: in addition to the three-year-sentence, and the trial was close to the public and the press and was under
8:58 am
strict security measures. >> translator: some relatives have come to visit him. it's important that he stays close to his family and we will be vigilant about that. >> an unbelievable story. we were talking about this before. you were saying there are things this young man has done that you cannot talk about, really, it's just that horrific. >> there were videos of this young man on the internet where he is torturing his victims, surrounded by members of what used to be his gang, and the level of cruelty is just unimaginable and something that we would not be able to show on the air. >> is this the first case of a teenager who has been involved in this kinds of level of violence in the drug war there? >> sadly, it is not. there were six more arrested last october in mexico, also belonging to the same cartel by the name of the southp pacific
8:59 am
cartel. and there are as many as 14 minors accused of or tried for being part of organized crime in mexico. >> why is this happening? >> because the cartels are realizing they can recruit young men in mexico who are hungry and come from a low or social economic status, and they know they can recruit them and give them money and lie to them and do what they did. >> excellent reporting. a tragic story. thank you. top of the hour. i am suzanne malveaux. want to get you up to speed. the battle over raising the country's debt limit takes another unexpected twist with six days until the august 2nd deadline. a vote was expected today on a plan by house speaker, john boehner, but that has been postponed until tomorrow at the earliest. and the boehner plan will not
9:00 am
cut spending as much as promised. from norway, new pictures of last week's bombing of a government building from a different angle. a camera inside a nearby shop shows the moment of impact. 76 people were killed in the bombing, and a shooting rampage on an island near oslo. survivors are describing the terror. >> something sounded like a gunshot down at the harbor. and we're like who is kidding about the explosion now. somebody is pulling our legs, right? and then we took a couple of steps to the hill, and our guys were running like hell, and they screamed to us, run, run, run. >> the mayor of canakandahar is dead. he was killed by a suicide bomber this morning. the taliban is taking
9:01 am
responsibility. this is the latest in a series of attacks in afghanistan against the government. the brother of hamid karzi was killed earlier this month. a source tells cnn the new york hotel made that accused strauss-kahn of sexual assault is meeting with prosecutors today. the alleged victim and her attorney arrived at the district attorney's office, and that happened earlier this morning. strauss-kahn is the former head of the international monetary fund. the status hearing in the case has been moved from august 1st until the end of the month. the funding fight that threatens to keep memphis schools shut down could be resolved. it will take $12 million as a partial payment. that payment has to be made next week, three days before the school year starts. >> i think they should breathe a deep sigh of relief.
9:02 am
absolutely. you know, they are going to start in service august 1st, and they will be paid for that, and they will put pressure on the city council to do what they need to do. it has been a symbol of the pain and perseverance after 9/11, but now an atheist group wants to see the cross taken down. the cross was made from intersecting beams. the group argues the cross violates the absolute separation of church and state. near seoul south korea, a search of survivors of a massive landslide. 32 people killed. 400 homes now destroyed. the land gave way after parts of the region got more than a foot of rain. and then in massachusetts, power knocked out to thousands of homes and businesses. the high winds blew down trees
9:03 am
and caused property damage, and some areas got hail as big as ping pong balls. right now no tornados have been confirmed. let's take a closer look now at the delays and road blocks and search for a deal for raising the debt limit. only two plans are in play right now. one of them has been sent back to the drawing board. so to figure out all of this, joe johns has been following this from capitol hill. great to see you. what do we suspect about the delay in voting for the plan by john boehner? what does that mean for that plan? does it have the votes to get passed? is this pause a good thing or not? >> it's kind of both, suzanne. on the one hand, he apparently wasn't getting the savings he thought that he was getting, something like $400 billion short, which is no small chunk of chains, and it's a problem and embarrassment and a question
9:04 am
of his credibility. on the other hand, though, he could use a day or two, because there are a lot of people in the house of representatives, republicans, who went out to the microphones and said this is not going to pass and i will not vote for it. they had a bunch of different problems with it. they did not like the two-step thing, and they are worried about a downgrade occurring to the united states credit, regardless of whether they passed it and there was commission in there that was going to help figure out how much money they are going to get rid of later. they had problems with that. so there were reasons why he could use a little extra time to generate some support, suzanne. >> and this might be confusing to folks, but there is some folks that don't believe that there's going to be an financial armageddon, and listen to some high-powered folks saying this. >> if congress feels to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion that somehow the united
9:05 am
states will go into default and we will lose the full faith and credit of the united states, and that is simply not true. >> i think he is using scare tactics. >> i was hearing how the asian markets are going to crash and how the world would crash this morning, and i just checked and the world has not crashed. >> joe, obviously each side has their politics to all of this. a lot of economists disagree with some of the republican takes on this, but how are lawmakers supposed to get anything done if they cannot agree on whether or not there is a problem? >> right. that's true. there are going to be those members of congress who are simply not persuadable in this issue. i talked to some of them on capitol hill myself, and it doesn't help really that there is fuzziness around the exact date. some people said there might be a little bit more cash reserves, and the u.s. has to hold it over a few days past august 2nd, and
9:06 am
all of that plays into it. and there are people that said that one time and now are moving in another direction, suzanne. congressman allen west, the tea party-backed republican from florida last week was saying he was not going to go for something like this, unless there was a bunch of conditions. now, you know, he looks a little bit more resceptive to doing something short term, because he is concerned about what could happen perhaps if the economy went into default and got basically thrown under the bus. >> the bottom line it's a period of uncertainty and nobody seems to know what will happen. it's a fascinating story to actually follow and cover. we appreciate it. here is a rundown of some of the other stories covering the next hour. is al qaeda on the brink of collapse? here what terrorism officials are saying about this. a fight against a new form
9:07 am
of big brothers. marketers following your every mouse click online. and then the government's case against polygamists warren jeffs. and then the science behind our intense attraction to saturated fats. also, you have raided your jewelry box for old gold. we look to see what it's worth. >> your necklace at melt is worth $3,010. >> i was expecting more to be honest with you. ♪ yes, is it true that name your own price... even easier? affirmative. we'll show you other people's winning hotel bids. so i'll know how much to bid... ...and save up to 60% i'm in i know
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9:10 am
the battle against al qaeda has changed the way all of us live, not to mention the lives lost and the money spent. but now the "washington post" says u.s. counterterrorism officials are convinced killing osama bin laden and seven years of punishing drone strikes pushed al qaeda to the brink of collapse. fran townsend, a member of both the cia and department of homeland security, and fran, you read this and i read it. rather dramatic, but is it surprising. do you agree al qaeda is close to collapsing? >> no question, they are weakened and their ability has been degraded not just by the killing of bin laden, but as mentioned in the report with the years of drone strikes, and we also, by the way, heard the
9:11 am
former director of the cia, leon pennetta, say a similar thing at his confirmation hearing. the thing we have to be caution of is it's a little dangerous, the minute you say that you encourage affiliates like al qaeda and the iranian pennsylvania to attempt a big attack to prove you wrong. i do think they are severely weakened. i think it's true they are on the brink of collapse, but it's early to say that, though. >> does it mean there is less of a terrorists threats to americans? >> well, they are no less determined. they do seem less capable of being able to pull off a successful attack, and that has
9:12 am
to do with intelligence and drones, and the whole tool kit of things we use to defeat them. >> fran, where are the heavy hitters, the al qaeda leaders? where do we have to be concerned about most? >> no question most people now have heard of al locky, and as long as there is chaos in saudi arabia, and we believe that the somali al qaeda affiliates are working with those in yemen, and that poses a threat. as we drawdown in afghanistan, we have to be careful they don't regenerate themselves in the tribal areas or afghanistan. there are hot spots around the world, and typically you look where there are unstable or weak governments that allow al qaeda to insert themselves and take advantage of the situation. >> and we're approaching the 10th anniversary of the 9/11
9:13 am
attacks. bin laden talked about his desire for another attack. is it possible al qaeda is laying low until close to the anniversary where they might carry out something spectacular? >> absolutely. every counterterrorism official that i spoke to recently says the counterterrorism committee is focused on that anniversary because of what they learned from the bin laden raid. but now that they are aware of it, it makes it much more difficult for al qaeda to carry something like that off. here is a look at choose the news. first a top secret navy program to protect ships and harbors that is now exposed. we go under water to see how marines and dolphins are protecting some. and then a unique partnership and program that is using the sun's rays to ease the energy
9:14 am
grid burden on the hot days. and third, let the countdown begin, the opening ceremonies for london's olympic games exactly one year from today. we will show you why these buildings are different than any olympic stadium constructed. vote "1" for under water protection, or "2" for a solar grid program, or "3" for olympic stadiums. the winning story will air later this hour. there are companies out there that are tracking every single move that you make on the internet. chad meyers here to explain why. what are they looking for, chad? >> you would expect that at work. your employer has that right to see where you are going and what you are doing, but people are watching at home. companies are making databases you on, and they want to know
9:15 am
what you do and what you are buying and where you are going. it's called the digital fingerprint. it's what you do online. all those little things you click on and all of those searches you thought you were doing by accident. it's making up a digital fingerprint and it's making up a treasure trove that people want to hack into that info. everybody who visits the internet has a digital fingerprint. a profile built by special companies. >> we don't know who their clients are, so they may be selling this technology to banks, and may be selling it to online advisorying companies, and that's the bigger concern. >> peter is a technology gists.
9:16 am
he says digital fingerprinting is a violation of privacy. >> you should be able to read what you want without somebody reading it with you. >> last march senator john rockefeller introduced a bill to stop companies from tacking your online movements. what it would require that internet browsers have an option up here to say do not track, do not track me. and one said this is already there, and all we need is congressional action. >> the scary thing is people don't know what is out there personally. >> the director of threaten intelligence for secure works says digital fingerprints are used for customized political messages, but he says there's a danger that they will be used with malishious intent.
9:17 am
>> what we are doing is trusting the companies with the security of that information. we are intrusting them to guard that information. we don't want anybody to break into that system and use it, but unfortunately when companies aggregate that much information in one spot, it is a target for hackers. >> can that guy right there be tracked? >> absolutely. he is being tracked right now. everything you do online -- if you are using a public website, or any kind of online service, they are tracking everything that you are doing. >> can data be wrong? can people get something incorrect and is it a big deal? >> yes, your fingerprint can be manipulated by criminals, and it has been cross linked, and there is no mechanism to correct that. there's currently no channel to file a complaint. >> right now there is no practical way to stop companies from using this technology, and
9:18 am
that as scary as that is, the best defense is to be aware that everything you do online is being watched. >> keep your anti-virus up-to-date and your computer up-to-date, but for the most part, once the information leaves your computer, at least one person, that's the website that you are visiting can track it. >> so here we go. how do they use this? how is this good? because it can be good. for the past hour and a half i have been searching for vegas hotel deals because i was putting all that data into the computer, and all of a sudden i call up a couple of travel sites, and look right there, las vegas -- this website saw me do it, or people that were watching me do that, and now all of a sudden i have a deal on a hotel. that's a good deal. what i am worried about is somebody that hacks into the
9:19 am
lookers, and maybe he know when i am gone, and that could be a problem. >> yeah, they show up at your house when you are gone. that did not take long? >> we have been putting in different searches to see what happens, and they like to see your travel deals. they love travel deals. they love selling you little digital things, and ipods and iphones and all these things, not necessarily apple, but they like to sell you gadgets, and every time you see a little pop up and you look at it and think, wow, i was just searching that, and how is that on sale in the last 15 seconds, i was searching it for an hour ago, and now you know. >> yeah, no longer a sucker. thank you. a leader of a polygamist sect goes on trial.
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
and an appeals court panel says authorities can force loughner to take anti-psychotic medication. loughner has been diagnosed as skits frannic, and prosecutors say he screams and cries for hours. loughner is charged with killing six people and wounding 13 others, including congresswoman gabby giffords. and rob blagojevich wants a
9:23 am
new trial. he was accused of trying to sell president obama's former senate seat. and warren jeffs is charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child, and one count of bigamy. authorities removed more than 400 children from the ranch because they feared they were being sexually abused. sun sunny hostin here. give us a little background about how this evolved. >> this has been going on for quite sometime. what has taken so long, suzanne, is so many people have an opinion on the flds because it
9:24 am
has been a highly publicized case. it took quite sometime to pick the jury. there was 700 potential jurors, and 280 went forward without any bias that was identified. they picked a jury last night at 9:00. they have two alternates, one women and one man. they are expecting this case to start not today, probably on another day, because there's a motion to suppress evidence, and that should start at 2:00 p.m. today. warren jeffs is now on his third attorney. he keeps on dismissing his attorney, and his current attorney says he needs more time to prepare. the prosecution has objected because this case has been going on for such a long time, and the government has objected, and the judge has ruled that they will go forward as soon as the motion to suppress is dealt with, and
9:25 am
that should be about 2:00 today. >> sunny, you mentioned the makeup of the jury. ten women and two men. how could that impact this potential case? >> this is a sex assault case, and historically if you look at the statistics, women are more likely to convict on sex assault cases. we know that we will hear probably from a 14-year-old girl, and perhaps not from the 12-year-old that he also allegedly married. so i think that this is probably a better jury statistically for the prosecution. the problem here, though, that i think the prosecution does have is that i mention there are two victims, a 14-year-old that he married, and a 12-year-old that he allegedly married, and the 14-year-old that he has a child with. that's an easy case that i would say to prove, but the 12-year-old, my understanding, does that want to testify against him. that case could be difficult. that charge could be difficult
9:26 am
for the prosecution. >> if we could turn the corner here, sources are telling us the new york hotel made accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault is meeting with prosecutors today. do we think there is movement in this case. is there a possibility that charges -- that this case might be dismissed? >> i think there is certainly that possibility, but we all know now that she did come out publicly both to "newsweek" and abc, and gave her version of events. it's clear that it was her attempt to push the prosecution's hand at letting her have her day in court against dsk, against dominique strauss-kahn. and she is meeting again with the prosecutors to go over her story. there have been many inconsistencies. the prosecution was leaning towards midismissing the charge in this case, so perhaps it's
9:27 am
the last ditch effort to let the prosecution have her day in court. this guy is rapping about the debt talks. that's up next. light light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. ask your eyecare professional for your transitions certificate of authenticity for your chance to win instant monthly prizes or our $20,000 grand prize! i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of.
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9:30 am
here is a rundown for some of the stories we're working on. after years of not getting a raise, this could be one year you get one actually. we take you live to an nfl training camp with the lockout almost stalled practice. in 15 minutes, to eat a pint of ice cream or order a pizza when you are feeling blue or depressed, and a new study explains emotional eating. the debt debate countdown begins now. it's six days until the
9:31 am
government is forced to default, and some people are writing their lawmakers demanding a compromise. one comedian is making his opinion heard through music. ♪ spendin' money we don't have ♪ ♪ that's the name of the game >> the guy behind the video, he is joining us from washington. so you are the one person we all wanted to talk to today. everybody is talking about your rap, and you are a comedian but you are good with the lyrics, too. tell us why you decided to rap about raising the debt ceiling? >> well, a good friend of mine over at reason tv is a video producer and director, and we teamed up before -- actually last month i rewrote the hokey
9:32 am
pokey and made it about the tsa and pauld it the pokey pokey, and we had fun and thought maybe we should do one about the debt ceiling. >> are you a political guy and following the debate? >> we are following it, and it has saturated the airwaves, with the nfl lockout ending we pay attention to things that matter a little more. >> what do you think about it? do you believe that we should raise the debt ceiling or is it an easy hook? do you have a real opinion about it? >> we did not set out to make the video too preachy. when you watch it's the republicans calling the democrats crazy and the democrats calling the republicans crazy, and i was looking at the debate thinking they are all crazy. and i just happened to be a bad rapper, and we took it from there -- got a jumpsuit and took
9:33 am
it from there. >> i was wondering if you owned that jumpsuit or not? you look good here without the hat and all that stuff. this thing is viral, really? do you hope to influence the debate or do you think lawmakers might be paying attention to this now? >> i hope it encourages debate. somebody said i want to punch this guy in the face, and somebody said i want to punch this guy in the neck, and that kind of counts, that's almost a debate. >> well, we enjoyed your rap. we did. we enjoyed having you on. a lot of people are talking about this. they are writing about it and you are rapping about it, and any way that people can participate, that's great. >> any excuse to wear makeup. . >> thank you. employers are not doing hiring right now, but they are trying to hold on to the best folks they hired, so they are willing to pay them to keep
9:34 am
them. alis alison kosik is at the exchange. are they giving races? >> it's a study that was done exclusively for and most employers said we will raise salaries next year, and only top performers will get more than the token raise. if you are considered a top performer, the average salary increase is about 5%. if you are a so-so worker, that increase would be about 3%. and a weak performer, almost no increase for you at all. if you are a slacker, it's an n incentive to work harder. >> are they afraid the top performers will jump ship and
9:35 am
look for a better job? >> the job market is really weak, but if you happen to be that top performer, you are always in demand, so it shows just how competitive the job market is, and if you are not sure that you are a top performer, you probably aren't. suzanne? >> that's probably true. the markets, how are they doing today? the debt talks, how are they affecting what is happening on the wall street? >> we are in the negative column. and the focus really is on the debt talks. wall street is hoping for a deal, but as the deadline gets closer some investors are starting to hedge their bets. they are worried about a credit downgrade. stocks have fallen every day this week and gold has hit a record high each day, and that's another sign of fear here for stocks. and we are are watching the vicks, an indicator about fear in the marketplace, and that's spiking 7%, suzanne. >> thank you. armchair quarterbacks across
9:36 am
the country now are celebrating with the nfl lockout over now, and they will see their favorite teams in action this season. today the players have started practicing. we go live to the baltimore ravens training camp. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the cc. and every volkswagen includes scheduled carefree maintenance. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the volkswagen cc sport for just $289 a month.
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a reminder to vote for the choose the news story. vote by texting "1" for under water protection. a look at a navy program that uses dolphins to keep civilians and soldier safe. and then "2" for a solar grid program, and then "3" for olympic stadiums. winning story will air later this hour. well, with the nfl lockout over now, ten teams are starting training camp for the first pre-season games next month.
9:40 am
carol costello is in maryland where the baltimore ravens are training. you get the good assignments. what is the mood like? >> reporter: i know, i am pretty lucky today, suzanne. it seems very quiet here i know, but there is a lot of action going on inside that building. that's the ravens training facility. administrators are busy at work, expected to sign 30 players. they are dealing with free agencies. the players likely will not report here until 6:00 p.m. eastern time, and they will have a meeting tomorrow they will take to the practice field. most players say they are overjoyed to be back and don't have a bit of apprehension. if you were feeling pangs of anxiety, especially the quarterback who is baltimore's union republic, he spent a lot of time in negotiations and is worried about retaliation. >> it's not a secret that the
9:41 am
guys over the years of the relationship with the players association, guys in the forefront become expendable, and so i am sure my day is coming. >> we will just have to wait and see what happens. the real bummer for fans here in baltimore, suzanne, is that the training is going to take place here instead of westminster, maryland. they cannot watch the practices here because the facility cannot handle all the people, but they said maybe they will put on two practices at the stadium in baltimore, and fans can see those for free. >> is that your favorite team? >> no, it's the detroit lions. i root for the most painful team to root for in america, but i
9:42 am
love them all the same. we appreciate it. the science of emotional eating. elizabeth owen looks at what could be behind the cravings.
9:43 am
9:44 am
you have heard of the phrase fat and happy, and it sounds simple enough to anybody that has drowned their sorrows, all of us, of course, but now scientists are putting that
9:45 am
through the test. and elizabeth cohen is explaining the science behind eating. >> they tried to put science behind the question i am about to ask you. you come home and you can either cry into a thing of ice cream, or a salad. just instinctively, which one -- >> you know i will pick that ice cream. it's melting, but i will eat it. >> you take that one. one for each other us. the scientists were wondering why it's true, maybe the taste or texture. it was ingenious, actually. they took a group of people and showed them the sad movies and sad pictures and sad music, and then for half of them they pipe fat down to their stomachs, and put it in a tube and put it down their stum ikz. and then the other half just got saline, which is basically water. what they found is the folks that were getting fat piped into
9:46 am
their stomachs were happier than the ones that were getting the saline solution, and then they did mris, and the one that were getting fat, the happiness center of their brains were lit up opposed to the ones with saline. >> why does that make you happier? >> they are not sure. when we come out of the womb, what do we want and need? breast milk, and it's fat basically with sugar in it and other things. if we had a famine, it would make sense for our bodies to crave fat because that would keep us alive longer, but we are not babies and we're not in a famine, and we're -- >> eating way too much. >> yeah, that has done us wrong at this point. >> is the biology working against us? is there anything we can do or is it just part of us? >> it's very difficult to deal with to stop that kind of craving of fat, because it's
9:47 am
biologically driven. one thing is to be conscious about it, think about it, think i am only wanting this because i am feeling sad, is there something else that i can do. you can think your way through it. i am turning to this ice cream because i am sort of depressed. is there something that i can turn to instead? >> that takes discipline. >> yeah, it does. but just knowing can help. >> i will try to be disciplined not to eat this during our show. >> you are at the end of your show. you will feel happy walking around with it. >> thank you. gold is seen as safe investment at a time of economic crisis. how much is your gold worth? >> i am leaving it to one of my daughters, because she thinks it's worth a lot. >> may i take a look at it?
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
debt negotiateations are stalled now in washington, and the nation's aaa rate something in jeopardy, and the price of gold has skyrocketed. poppy harlow hit the streets of new york to find out what some peoples' gold is worth. ♪ >> reporter: so gold is at record highs. we wanted to head out to the streets here in new york city to see just how much folks think their gold is actually worth. >> they were going to give me $500 for each. >> i have no idea.
9:51 am
>> reporter: do you remember how much you paid for it? >> i don't want to tell you. it was a lot. >> reporter: how was is your gold worth? >> i don't have a clue. i am leaving it to my daughter, because she thinks it's worth a lot. >> just the gold weight is worth $364. >> reporter: anybody have gold! >> your necklace at melt is worth $3,010. >> i was expecting more to be honest with you. >> reporter: when people buy gold jewelry, what kind of markup are we talking about? >> a 500% markup sometimes. huge. >> reporter: 700 bucks. >> not bad. >> are you sure it's real? >> no.
9:52 am
>> can i scratch the edge of it right there. you can see when i put the acid and the line disappears, and it's not real. your gold is worth $1,678. >> i found it next to a house. >> and poppy joins us from new york. some people were disappointed. the last person, it was not real. what do you have to know if you want to try and sell some of your jewelry here? >> some of the pieces we found were worth $3,000 and higher, so you could have a valuable possession. you have to be careful and know what you have got. this gives you a sense of how pure your gold is. you should know this before you sell. if you have 24 karat gold, know
9:53 am
it, and weigh it on your food scale in your kitchen. it's about $1,620 an ounce right now. then you want to shop around and take it to at least three different stores and see what they will give you. i will tell you from personal experience, i did it with a gold necklace and took it to six different stores, and i got offers from $200 to $800. can you be ripped off in a major way if you don't know what it's worth before you sell it. we have seen this run up throughout the recession, but why we have seen the big jump in the past month or so is because of the debt ceiling debate. people are looking for a hard asset, something that they can physically hold and they think they know the value of, the u.s. dollar has declined so much. there is so much of a question about u.s. treasuries will be
9:54 am
worth and how much debt will be worth and how much it costs to borrow, and people often ask me, how can you invest, and you can indeed buy gold jewelry, and wear it every day, and just don't lose it, and that will be a similar investment, suzanne. >> thank you so much. you told us what you wanted to see. your "choose the news" story moments away. on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you
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that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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♪ let me make you smile ♪ let me do a few tricks ♪ some old and then some new tricks ♪ ♪ i'm very versatile ♪ so let me entertain you ♪ and we'll have a real good time ♪ [ male announcer ] with beats audio and flash, you can experience richer music and download movies straight to the new hp touchpad with webos.
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time to go cross-country for cnn affiliates are covering. north carolina, 6-year-old lucy magnum is showing off her cast and telling reporters what it feels like to be bitten like a shark. it happened on tuesday in a foot and a half of water. >> you feel like it bit my leg and it -- it felt like it almost stayed there. in south dakota, the historic sound is for sale. not a ghost town, but close. fewer than ten people live there. for less than $800,000 you get 46 acres with a saloon, dance hall and depot and two trains and a museum. and top secret navy program to protect ships and harbors now is exposed. cnn's larson goes under water to
9:58 am
show how marine mammals are going under water to protect sailors and enemy attacks. >> reporter: i am trying to avad a dolphin who was trained to find hostile swimmers. >> he's not going to make it! he's going to get him! >> reporter: out of nowhere -- >> there, she has got him. >> reporter: i got about, say, 50 meters from the ship behind me, and then, boom, came and hit me right here. the dolphin hits me with a parker. there was a second i thought i would make it through, and next thing i knew i was staring him right in the face. oh, just got me again!
9:59 am
oh! in a minute, back on the boat and getting tlc. i guess my combat ship attack, foiled again. undaunted, i try under water with my scuba gear on. here is what the camera on the dolphin saw. under water or on the surface, the dolphin finds me every time. so how does she compare to say, suppose, you had a side scanned sonar on the bottom of the boat. what is the difference? >> she is able to pick out details about an object, that we would only dream to have it on sonar, and she can do it at great ranges with 100% reliability. >> reporter: the dolphin is looking for a swimmer like me. she will hit the ball -- >> yeah, once she is

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